Stay Healthy on the Costa del Sol

It can be a challenge to stay healthy on holiday especially if there is a big celebration. You’re likely to over indulge and eat several meals out. Stressful flights or insufficient sleep may have a bad impact on your health. So follow the advice below to protect your health.

Here are a few tips to make it easier: stay hydrated, choose water over alcoholic drinks (seriously!), make your own quality snacks and eat Andalucian tapas or the Sardines on the beach, stretch, walk or bike more often, eat vitamins, take a good sleep and stay active during your break.

Try to find the time and motivation swim a number of lengths in the pool. Try getting the concierge to help map out a scenic run. You are not far from a mountain, forest or beach. You can also bring your morning routine with you. Starting the day correctly is important, so stick to the routine you maintain back home when staying in the villa more than a day.

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