Kids on the Costa del Sol

One of the many reasons the Costa del Sol is such a popular destination with families, is the large variety of activities and fun for both small and larger kids. And when I say larger kids? Yes, that is the adults I am talking about!

Main attraction for kids big and small in Southern Spain? The water! Be it the pool, the beach or one of large water parks, water is always a hit for every age.

Wait, there is more?

There are lots of other great outdoor activities waiting for you near your villa: skate parks in Fuengirola, Málaga and San Pedro, high-altitude rope parks, indoor trampoline parks, ice rinks and amusement parks. Not forgetting everything you can do ON the water, such as canooing, paddle surf and going on whale watching trips. And we havent even touched on all the local ferias and fiestas which in the summer month are plenty enough to entertain you, especially if you enjoy a late night party!

If you want to read in more detail about the various activities within reach of our villas, make sure to check back on our website. We aim to continously update and add more information relevant to travellers with and without children.

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